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Top 4 Creators in ai4prompts

"I'm a Graphic designer, Art and Midjourney fan. Find perfect and customizable prompts to generate amazing images. Hope you will enjoy my work !"
"Fan of Old Hard Rock Music (Metallica, ACDC, ..). Pasionate about creating prompts for Midjourney. I enjoy creating ART specially with Midjourney, but also Stable Diffusion and DALL-E."
"Welcome to Design Prompts, oriented for 3d and other Design images, illustrations, photography. Prompt Engineer in Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and DALL-E"
"I love creating great Midjourney prompts generating my ART. I like all kind of creations, ART, Comic, Photorealistic Photography and also some ChatGPT"

How to Become a Creator in AI4Prompts

1-Create a Seller Account

To create a Seller Account, you first have to Register an account. Once you have done this, in your personal area access My Seller Account and Submit an Application. It will be reviewed 

2-Get your Prompt Ready

The Prompt is saved in a plain text file. It contains the Prompt, Tips and Examples. The images submited to ai4prompts Must be in the Examples section of the file. Check the video

3-Upload a Prompt to the Marketplace

In your Personal Area, in the section my Seller Shop, you can edit the informations of the Shop, and here also upload the Prompts.

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